$19.1B disaster aid bill ready for president’s signature

WASHINGTON – June 4, 2019 – A federal disaster-relief package, long sought by Florida officials and Panhandle residents recovering from the ravages of Hurricane Michael, received approval Monday from the U.S. House after three earlier attempts were blocked.

The 354-58 vote, which came after the House returned from a 10-day holiday recess, sends the $19.1 billion package to President Donald Trump. The Senate backed the measure 85-8 on May 23.

The money will originally intended to help Florida’s Panhandle recovery after Category 5 Hurricane Michael made landfall Oct. 10, 2018, and caused massive damage. But as the two political partiesin Washington bickered, and as days became weeks and months, additional disasters occurred, from flooding in Arkansas and Iowa to tornadoes in Ohio. As a result, the disaster-relief package ballooned from $7.8 billion.

Source:  Source: News Service of Florida, Jim Turner

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