4 phrases buyers shouldn’t use in an offer letter

CHICAGO – May 3, 2019 – How effective is it for buyers to write a personal letter to sellers to win over their hearts and get their offers accepted?

Personal letters have drawn criticism lately because of the potential for buyers to hurt their negotiating position by inadvertently revealing items best kept close to the vest.

Virginia real estate pro Daniel Bortz recently shared in a realtor.com article some of the phrases he suggests buyers never use in an offer letter:

  • “I can see our family celebrating Christmas here.” It’s illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act for a seller to discriminate based on religion – and the seller may not celebrate Christmas. If a buyer does reveal their faith in an offer letter, it would be difficult to prove in court that it led to discrimination, says Craig Blackmon, a broker and real estate attorney in Seattle. But to prevent even the potential for discrimination, he recommends that buyers avoid anything that reveals their religion in an offer letter.

Source: “6 Fatal Phrases Home Buyers Should Never Include in Their Offer Letter–Ever,” realtor.com® (April 29, 2019)

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