America Must Not Back Down on Sustainable Energy

If you read just the headlines these days, you might think renewable energy in America is going the way of Solyndra. Don’t take our word for it: a recent headline from Fox News declared “ENTIRE Solar Industry on Brink of Collapse.”

We cannot allow long-time opponents of renewable energy to focus the discussion only on Solyndra (whose higher priced panels could not compete as solar costs came down) when we should be thinking about competing with China to win the next energy revolution. Why? Because the race is on to put the right policies in place so hundreds of thousands of new, good-paying renewable energy jobs will be created here, and not in China. With Bloomberg New Energy Finance reporting that for the first time ever, global investments in renewable electricity have exceeded investments in fossil fuel power plants, the question is not whether renewable energy is creating jobs; it is which country is going to lead the clean energy jobs revolution. We want it to be America.

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