Artificial intelligence may be next fair housing problem

WASHINGTON – April 12, 2019 – Congress is starting to show interest in prying open the “black box” of tech companies’ artificial intelligence with oversight that parallels how the federal government checks under car hoods and audits banks.

One proposal introduced Wednesday and co-sponsored by a Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Cory Booker, would require big companies to test the “algorithmic accountability” of their high-risk AI systems, such as technology that detects faces or makes important decisions based on your most sensitive personal data.

“Computers are increasingly involved in so many of the key decisions Americans make with respect to their daily lives – whether somebody can buy a home, get a job or even go to jail,” Sen. Ron Wyden said in an interview with The Associated Press. The Oregon Democrat is co-sponsoring the bill.

“When the companies really go into this, they’re going to be looking for bias in their systems,” Wyden said. “I think they’re going to be finding a lot.

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