Details emerge on Fla. health insurance exchange

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Aug. 13, 2013 – For Florida residents hoping to purchase coverage through the new health insurance exchange, options will largely depend on where they live, according to new information from the state’s Office of Insurance Regulation.

As of this month, 10 insurance companies have received federal approval to sell Floridians health plans on the federally assisted health exchange, which rolls out Oct. 1.

However, not all companies will sell plans in all counties, said state insurance commissioner Kevin McCarty.

More than half of Florida’s 67 counties will have only one or two insurance companies selling plans through the new marketplace. No county will offer plans from all 10, according to the commissioner’s office.

South Floridians will have the most choice, while residents in rural areas have the least.

Broward and Miami-Dade counties will sell plans from nine federally approved insurers, and Palm Beach from eight.

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