Homeowners get tough with bank over mistaken foreclosure

A Naples-area couple did what many a homeowner would love to do: They bullied their bank.

And this story has a South Florida connection, of course.

Bank of America mistakenly foreclosed on Warren and Maureen Nyerges’ Collier County home, according to this story in the Naples Daily News.

When the bank failed to timely pay the couple the court-ordered sum of $2,500 or even return their phone calls, their attorney marched in to a branch office Friday with sheriff’s deputies, threatening to seize assets if it didn’t pay up.

Shaken by the spectacle, Bank of America wrote a check on the spot.

A spokeswoman apologized for the delay and told the newspaper it blames the snafu on its counsel, the Plantation-based David J. Stern law firm. Major lenders abandoned the Stern firm during the “robo signer” controversy, forcing the firm to withdraw from cases across the state.

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