New Hampshire’s Right-To-Work Bill Is Not A Job Creator, Critics Say

The nationwide anti-union push is moving to New Hampshire, where the state legislature is considering right-to-work legislation once again.

The proposed legislation would significantly curtail unions’ power in the Live Free or Die state. And proponents of the measure in New Hampshire, like their counterparts in Indiana and elsewhere, tout the bill as a way to promote economic growth and deal with the state’s jobs problem. Yet, many experts, business owners and promoters of economic development say that the proposed legislation would be unlikely to create jobs or persuade new businesses to open in New Hampshire. In fact, some say, it could hurt the state. Hampshire is tied for having the the nation’s fourth lowest unemployment rate, at 5.1 percent.

On Thursday a new right-to-work bill sponsored by Republican Rep. William Smith and others was debated in a hearing. “This is not an anti-union bill — it’s a pro-union member bill,” he said.

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