Program to boost credit scores requires bank account access

NEW YORK – May 15, 2019 – Actor and activist Hill Harper, no stranger to offering advice on building financial security, is about to embark on a new venture with Experian to help consumers tap into some technology to instantly improve their credit scores.

The new idea, simply put: Give us access to your banking information to prove that you’re paying the electricity bill, the gas bill, the internet bill and phone bills on time. Get a better, updated credit score. Have a stronger shot at getting lower rates on loans.

“Access to credit is a big piece of being financially healthy,” said Harper in a phone interview . Harper, who plays Dr. Marcus Andrews on ABC’s “The Good Doctor,” shoots that show in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Experian, one of the national credit bureaus, kicked off a marketing campaign called Boost America.

The strategy is to reach out to more than 100 million consumers nationwide who don’t have many credit cards or loans, and, as a result, may not qualify for attractive rewards or favorable interest rates.

Source:   Copyright 2019,, USA TODAY, Susan Tompor

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