Remote notaries, open permits & the environment among victories

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — May 4, 2019 — 2:16 pm — Your world got a little bit easier thanks to new legislation that brings modern technology and common sense to transactions.

The Florida Legislature, which ended its 60-day legislative session minutes ago, passed two bills many Florida Realtors’ members had requested. One allows the use of remote online notaries and the other provides remedies for open and expired permits.

“Our members spoke loud and clear about the problem of open permits and the benefit of remote notaries, and I’m happy to say lawmakers listened,” says Eric Sain, 2019 president of Florida Realtors and district sales manager with Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach. “But the really good news is that these two bills were only a part of our legislative successes this year. We’re also celebrating assignment of benefits (AOB) reform, funding to improve water quality and another cut to the business rent tax.”

This end-of-session report covers key real estate legislation filed for the 60-day session that ended minutes ago. Bills passed head to the governor for final approval.

Florida Realtors biggest legislative victories

  • Remedies to open and expired permits — Open and expired permits can delay a closing, and, in some cases, kill a deal because of the uncertainty associated with them. To address the problem, HB 447 allows local governments to close a permit six years after its issuance as long as no apparent safety hazards exist. It also prevents local governments from penalizing property owners for an open permit that was applied for by a previous owner. Effective: October 1, 2019.

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