Small Business Needs Obamacare

Before we’re overrun by dueling constitutional lawyers, can one entrepreneur please weigh in on the fate of the president’s health care law? Because lost in the political and judicial feud is a little known fact: small businesses are placed at a fundamental competitive disadvantage today by the way America’s health care system favors large employers. The Affordable Care Act fixes this. For small firms, Obamacare’s survival is therefore central to their own.

I know this from personal experience. I founded a firm several years ago that’s a market leader in the new field of supplying high-end project professionals on demand to the Fortune 1000. Our firm has created 25 high wage American jobs to date, and we expect to create dozens more as we grow. Yet my business — precisely the kind of small, growing firm that politicians hail as the source of most new job creation in America — is now at risk because we can’t arrange health coverage for key employees.

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