Study: Consumer demand continues to be more eco-friendly

WASHINGTON – April 22, 2019 – The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) released its Sustainability 2019 Report to coincide with Earth Day, April 22. It found that consumer demand in real estate continues to trend eco-friendly.

The report is in its third iteration. It surveyed Realtors about sustainability issues in the residential and commercial real estate markets, and the preferences they’re seeing in consumers in their communities.

According to the report, 59 percent of respondents found that residential consumers were very or somewhat interested in sustainability. Seven in 10 residential and commercial agents and brokers said that promoting a property’s energy efficiency in listings is either somewhat or very valuable.

“The state of the environment is important to our members and their business practices, and the report shows that sustainability impacts consumers’ home buying decisions as well,” says NAR President John Smaby. “Realtors remain on the cutting edge of sustainability and continue to lead the conversation about energy efficiency in real estate.”

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