The People’s Budget

Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Fiscal Year 2012

Executive Summary

Budgets are more than collections of numbers; they are a statement of our values. The

Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget is a reflection of the values and priorities of working

families in this country. The “People’s Budget” charts a path that keeps America exceptional in the


eliminates the deficit and stabilizes the debt, puts Americans back to work, and restores our

economic competiveness.

The CPC Budget addresses these problems by listening to the American people. In poll after poll,

they are telling us, their representatives in the American government, that they want to preserve

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, to make higher education more affordable, to expand jobtraining

programs, to cut taxes burdening the middle class, to subsidize affordable housing, and to

provide financial assistance for those struggling to prevent foreclosures.


st century, while addressing the most pressing problems facing the nation today. Our Budget

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