Who Is Richard Cordray?

When Representative Luis Gutiérrez, a liberal member of the House Financial Services Committee, heard over the weekend that President Obama had nominated Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he wasn’t sure what to think. Not because he was unsure about Cordray’s record—Gutiérrez just didn’t know who he was.

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke appeared before Congress this week and sent mixed messages on his willingness to address the jobs crisis. 

Mitch McConnell Opens the Escape Hatch in Debt Limit Talks (US Politics, Politics)

Senate minority leader wants to give up Republican leverage and just let Obama raise the debt ceiling. It’s a stunning concession, but will it work?

“I am not familiar with Attorney General Richard Cordray, but a quick Google search was very reassuring,” Gutiérrez said in a statement Monday. “He is the type of strong, experienced leader we need to get the agency fully up and running.”

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